Browns’ Joe Haden challenges LeBron to bring championship to Cleveland

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

Cleveland, OH, United States (4E Sports) – Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns is challenging returning Cavalier LeBron James to become the first team in five decades to bring home a championship for Cleveland.

Haden sees this as a close race between the Browns, who won an NFL championship in 1964 for the city’s last title, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Especially when both teams begin with their championship bids in their respective leagues.

According to Haden’s statements on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access,” both teams need to step up and deliver.

The Browns cornerback also stated that James’ mission of bringing a title home to Cleveland is the same goal as his.

“That’s why LeBron is coming here, to bring a championship to the city, and I’m trying to do the same thing,” Haden said.

Haden was hosting his football camp when news spread of James’ return.

According to Haden, it is a great day in Cleveland and he is really excited about rooting on LeBron.

Haden joked and said he would recruit James, who was a former high school reciever, to be a two-sport star and welcome him with open arms.

“He might be the only person I could give 23,” Haden added.

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