NFL teams shared $6B in revenue last season

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

United States (4E Sports) – The Green Bay Packers together with 31 other teams from the National Football League receive $187.7 million, from an equally divided $6 billion profit last season.

According to Packers’ president and CEO, Mark Murphy, the national revenue improved 4.3 percent.

Major factors that affected the increase are the agreement with the NFL Network and additional revenue from the league’s official outfitter, Nike.

The revenue sharing for all 32 teams has risen a massive 56 percent since 2006, even accounting inflation.

A tweet from ESPN’s, Darren Rovell, mentioned that a profit of $6 billion alone may be expected next season solely from airing rights.

“NFL TV rights fees alone next season will approach $6 billion,” Rovell stated.

The Packers, being the only public team in the league, are required to release revenue numbers according to ESPN.

The team revenue reached $136.3 million and improved to 6.4 percent than the previous season.

An additional 7,000 seats in the south end zone and sponsorships the team acquired pushed the Packers profit higher.

The rising popularity of the league together with the hype of the draft and the demand for the games accoun for the impressive boost of revenues, according to Bleacher Report.

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