Doctor says soccer superstar Neymar may return from injury in 40 days

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (4E Sports) – Brazil’s official team physician, Jose Luiz Runco said in a news conference that Neymar can return to action within 40-45 days.

Runco stated that Neymar will have a quick recovery by simply resting his back and the healing process may last for three-six weeks.

Neymar believes that he will be able to recover faster with his family that is why he decided to go home to his house in Sao Paulo.

According to ESPN, Runco also shared how he broke down the news to the Brazilian superstar and how the injury makes him unable to continue playing in the World Cup.

“I didn’t even give the kid the chance to ask me. I broke the news and it was hard to see him crying profusely when told he was out of the competition,” Brazil’s team doctor stated.

Neymar suffered a a transverse fracture of the left side of the third lumbar vertebra after a collision with Colombia’s Juan Zúñiga.

In a video posted by the Brazil’s soccer federation, Neymar thanked the Brazilians and all his fans for being with him.

Neymar also said that the dreams of winning the World Cup did did not die and he is willing to do everything to make sure Brazil wins it all.

Runco stated that Neymar can watch the remaining matches of Brazil if he feels comfortable enough to attend the games.

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