DJ expresses sympathy after 36 hospitalized during Avicii concert,

Paula David – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

Boston, Massachusetts, United States (4E) – Thirty six people were rushed to a hospital during on Avicii concert in Boston on Wednesday, after which the famed DJ expressed his sympathies to those affected.

Thursday morning, following his packed concert at the TD Garden, Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, wrote on Twitter, “Just hearing the awful news abt tonight. Its a terrible thing, I rly hope everyone is ok! My thoughts go to those affected & their families.”

According to multiple reports, the hospitalized concert goers, which included minors, suffered mainly from dehydration, and drug and alcohol problems. More than 50 other audience members were given medical care during the event, which was said to be “packed and steamy.”

Roisin Saratonion, 18, told the Boston Globe that she left the concert early because “it was too crazy in there.” She continued, “You get really hot in there and you just pass out. You couldn’t breathe. It was claustrophobic. People get dehydrated.”

It is unclear how the drug and alcohol related illnesses came about as the venue had a one-beer limit and drugs were not allowed. Authorities speculate that some of the concert goers have entered the place already intoxicated, while others claim to have seen people taking what seemed to be drugs.

Meanwhile, show promoter Live Nation said in a statement to Rolling Stone, “While this is still a developing situation, based on early reports from the venue it appears the majority of the transports were people outside the venue who were too impaired to be allowed inside the venue and access to the concert. Out of an abundance of caution, they were transported for medical evaluation and assistance.

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