Aunt of disfigured girl kicked out of KFC denies incident was hoax

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Jackson, MS, United States (4E) – The aunt of a 3-year-old girl, who was reportedly kicked out of a KFC outlet because her disfigured face disturbed diners, has denied a new report saying the incident was a hoax.

Teri Rials Bates said on her Facebook page on Monday that the Laurel Leader-Call’s report is not true. The paper’s story cited unnamed sources as saying there was no evidence that Victoria Wilcher and her grandmother, Kelly Mullins, visited a Jackson KFC on May 15 after a trip to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital.

The sources based their statements on the KFC Meadowbrook and Woodrow Wilson store’s surveillance videos showing no customers matching the description of Wilcher and Mullins inside the stores. There was also no order for mashed potatoes and sweet tea, as Mullins claimed.

Laurel Leader-Call’s report also said that KFC hired a private investigator to investigate the incident.

Earlier, the girl’s grandmother said a KFC employee asked them to leave because the girl’s scars, which were caused by a dog attack, were upsetting other customers. Wilcher’s family complained to KFC and Bates posted the incident on her Facebook page named Victoria’s Victories on June 12.

Bates first claimed the incident happened at the KFC on State Street in Jackson. She later corrected the place to KFC on Woodrow Wilson.

The story became viral and even attracted donations for Wilcher’s treatment. KFC also pledged to donate $30,000 to the fund for the girl’s treatment. The fund has reached $135,000.

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