Clearfield Borough Awards Paving Bids

CLEARFIELD – Last night, the Clearfield Borough Council awarded the bid for a Liquid Fuels paving project on Daisy Street to New Enterprise Inc. for $86,669.16. Jefferson Paving was awarded the bid for tar and chipping for $12,772.75

Borough Engineer Todd Banks opened bids for CDBG-funded paving for Daisy Street. The bids received included Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. for $89,020, Jefferson Paving Corp. for $55,510.80 and New Enterprise for $66,233. Council awarded the bid to Jefferson Paving.

Banks reported the Third Street paving/lighting project will be advertised for bid Tuesday and they’ll be opened in July.

Regarding last week’s road failure on Daisy Street, Banks reported the steel cover over the Stinky Run underground channel failed. He explained the steel wasn’t thick enough to support the tri-axel truck that crossed it.

Councilman James Kling suggested the support walls of the underground channel be inspected to be sure they aren’t collapsing, particularly under the streets. Discussion on options for repairs included raising the roadway, which could affect drainage in other areas. Banks is to investigate further.

Banks said the new ductwork construction being planned will take the load of stormwater run-off from the original channel, but the original structure will remain in place.

Banks reported receiving signature authorizations from PennVest to release a $16,000 hold back to the borough from a loan from five years ago.

Council approved the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Act application for the future Buck’s Pizza. LERTA allows the property owner to pay a base rate of property taxes on a blighted property for the first year, with gradual increase of taxes over 10 years, based on assessment after property improvements are completed.


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