Ovation Revenue Cycle Solutions Offers New Coding Service to Help Hospitals with Transition to ICD-10

PITTSBURGH – Ovation Revenue Cycle Solutions, part of leading health care provider UPMC, today announced that it is offering a coding service that blends leading coding resources and technologies to drive efficiency and create superior results. Ovation Coding will help hospitals big and small with the struggle to complete coding rapidly, accurately and on budget.

Developed and tested at UPMC, Ovation Coding will help hospitals and physician practices as they face a growing shortage of skilled coders with the industry’s move to ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes by October 2015, a five-fold increase in the codes currently used for documentation and billing. Using experienced ICD-9 and ICD-10 coders, as well as best-of-breed coding and quality assurance technologies, Ovation Coding is designed to supplement a hospital’s existing staff. Experts already estimate a 30 percent shortfall in coders, even before the transition to ICD-10 increases the work load and slows productivity.

“The conversion to ICD-10 poses enormous resource, technology and financial challenges to all hospitals and exposes them to financial and regulatory risk,” said April Langford, chief executive officer of Ovation Revenue Cycle Solutions.

“Ovation Coding has been tested successfully in facilities of all sizes at UPMC, one of the nation’s leading integrated health care delivery and financing systems, and across every hospital department. Our results demonstrate that Ovation’s unique coupling of coding resources and auditing technologies improves quality, lowers costs and reduces risk.”

Ovation Revenue Cycle Solutions, formerly Prodigo Revenue Cycle Services, is adding Ovation Coding to its broad portfolio of revenue cycle technologies, which automate activities and minimize manual intervention throughout the revenue cycle. Ovation Coding’s features include:

  • Access to high-quality, scalable coding resources
  • Electronic review of all charts for risk and regulatory compliance, plus audits by Ovation quality assurance teams
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant information technology infrastructure and disaster recovery
  • Customized implementation and continuous process improvement for clinical documentation
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Proactive account management

For more information, visit www.OvationRCS.com.

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