N.Y. bridge officials send steel to Delaware for similar repairs

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NY, NY, United States (NewsBahn) – Contractors working on the Tappan Zee Bridge near New York City are chipping in nearly $5 million in steel products to help Delaware in its efforts to shore up its broken down I-495 bridge.

Officials say they saw the need to help and had the ability to do so without jeopardizing their own project.

“We are expediting delivery of the steel-reinforcement materials to enable timely repair of the bridge in Delaware,” Tappan Zee Constructors LLC President Darrell Waters said in a statement.

New York officials said the move will have no bearing on their efforts to replace the 3-mile-long Tappan Zee Bridge, which stretches through Westchester and Rockland countries.

“Diverting extra materials from the New NY Bridge project will have no impact on our project schedule here on the Hudson, but it will go a long way to ensuring a safe resolution to a critical infrastructure emergency,” New York State Thruway Authority Chairman Howard P. Milstein said in a statement.

A bridge expert working on both projects helped expedite the steel shipment and the Tappan Zee project will be reimbursed the estimated $4 to $5 million in costs for the swift assistance.

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