DBC Holds In-service at Main Campus

Alan Assad and Nancy Marr are guest speakers for In-Service

(Provided photo)

(Provided photo)

DUBOIS – The DuBois Business College (DBC) held an In-Service recently for enable instructors and staff to gain insight and instruction on the latest trends in the educational world.

Alan Assad, director of new programs for DBC, spoke on the topic “Digital Age and Education.” This topic covered how to use digital media to the best advantage in the classroom, particularly when instructing the various generational types one encounters in the classroom.

He also gave a brief demonstration and video on Google Glasses, which is one of the new technologies currently on the forefront.

Nancy Marr of Glencoe McGraw-Hill Education spoke on the digital media that McGraw-Hill now has available for use in the classroom, and how this media can be best utilized. Marr elaborated on the Learn Smart system that McGraw-Hill now has and how an instructor can take advantage of this system to help their students achieve more in the learning environment.

She concluded her portion of the In-Service with a hands-on demonstration of the Learn Smart system and other tools that McGraw-Hill has to offer. DBC President and Chief Executive Officer Jackie Syktich concluded the In-Service with comments and discussion.

In-Service days are important to DBC to allow the instructional staff to gain information and insight into better ways to reach the student body with the most current information available to them. The faculty and staff of DBC use these times to hone the skills needed to help the students “Touch the Future Faster.”™

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