Pacific Shore Holdings eyes billion dollar status with new distribution deals

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: PSHR) has partnered with major U.S. distributors to sell its environmentally friendly products nationwide and worldwide as it aims to become a billion dollar company in five years.

Pacific Shore Chief Executive Officer and founder Matthew Mills disclosed that three distribution players, including Cardinal Health, will distribute its Thermal-Aid heating and cooling pack for headache and migraine relief, Nature-Cide insecticide and pesticide, Energy-X energy drink, and Home Spa Shower Spray natural aromatherapy.

Mills said the company is tapping customers of Cardinal Health’s Independence Medical and AssuraMed in selling Thermal-Aid in the U.S.

Thermal-Aid products include a deep-penetrating Headache Relief System consisting of a 100 percent natural headache relief cream and therapeutic heating/cooling treatment pack for reducing swelling and relieving pain. The cooling pack is made from natural terrycloth cotton and lab-processed corn that retains cold temperatures longer without retaining moisture.

Dublin, Ohio-based Cardinal Health specializes in distributing pharmaceuticals and medical products to more than 60,000 locations. It owns Independence Medical, which has been one of the nation’s leading distributors of wholesale medical supplies, and AssuraMed, a leading mail order, direct-to-customer provider of disposable medical products.

Migrating to the Cardinal Health system will open multiple doors in major retail for Pacific Shore.

“The deal with this major distribution network will target pharmacies at grocery stores like Ralphs Supermarkets, our most successful supermarket chain partner on the West Coast,” Mills said. “Ralphs is the West Coast’s version of Kroger supermarket. Those distribution venues could produce tens of millions in sales in the next three years.”

Already, the Thermal-Aid brand is doing brisk sales at Independence Medical’s fast growing customer, said Mills. is the only one-stop-shop stocked exclusively with more than 4,000 flexible spending account-eligible products and services. The e-commerce website serves 35 million Americans covered by FSA, which allows consumers to set aside tax-free dollars to purchase medical products and services.

Mills also said there are inquiries to distribute Thermal-Aid and Nature-cide in Taiwan, Mexico, Dubai, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Nature-Cide is an all-natural pesticide product line for household and commercial use. All its formulations are poison-free and are based on essential oils such as cedar oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil and cottonseed oil. The product can be sprayed on most surfaces, even directly on clothing and upholsteries without posing any harm to humans and pets. It can prevent pests from returning to homes, gardens and commercial spaces.

Mills said Pacific Shore has a unique sales strategy that will help it meet profit targets and become a billion dollar company.

“We created products in billion dollar sectors. Thermal-Aid is sitting in a billion dollar sector where there is limited competition. Nature-Cide is also in a billion-dollar industry,” he said. “We have pesticides that cost less than poisons sold by other pesticide companies. We make products that are affordable to everybody.”

Manufacturing green products is traditionally expensive but Mills said the financial crisis and global recession in 2008 through 2011 brought down the cost of manufacturing as well as materials that enabled Pacific Shore to produce high-quality products and sell them at lower price.

When the products are sold in every store, the economies of scale will allow Pacific Shore to maintain the lower prices even if the costs of manufacturing and materials go up.

“Costs go down when volume goes up. And that’s going to play in the big picture as well. Pacific Shore will keep selling green products at lower prices than existing brands,” he said.

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