Pacers’ Paul George to get $7-M bonus for making All-NBA

Cesar Tordesillas – 4E Sports Contributor

Indianapolis, IN, United States (4E Sports) – Indiana Pacers’ Paul George will get nearly $7 million as bonus based on a clause in his contract for making the All-NBA team, having been named to the third team Wednesday.

He becomes the third player since 2011 to hit what has become known as the “Rose Provision” after Derrick Rose in 2011 and Blake Griffin.

This CBA-dictated clause allows a player on a maximum contract to get the raise if he wins MVP, voted to start in two All-Star games or is named to two All-NBA teams before the contract kicks in.

Based on a currently projected $63 million cap, George’s deal will come in at about $97 million over the next five years.

But the Pacers also saved $11 million from what is should have paid George through artful negotiating.

Instead of giving George 30 percent of the salary cap, as he was eligible for by making the two All-NBA teams, both sides agreed to 27 percent. In return, the Pacers gave George an opt-out clause in 2018 so he can become a free agent sooner if he chooses.


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