America’s Motorsports Park Results – May 31, 2014

Press release by Terry Whetstone

CLEARFIELD – Derek Rodkey of Osceola Mills pulled off the Randy Sterling Trucking Late Model Feature win Saturday night at America’s Motorsports Park in Clearfield to become the third different winner in the class this season.
Other new winners included: Josh Jacoby of Fernwood in the Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Semi Lates and Aaron Luzier of Clearfield in the Clearfield County Metals Four Cylinders. Repeat winners included: Ralph Engel Jr. of Harmony in the Point Brake and Sprint Laurel Highland Sprints, Fuzzy Fields of Brockway in the Srock Contracting Street Stocks and Nick Erskine of Mahaffey in the WG Satterlee and Sons Pure Stocks.
The Late Models hit the speedway with Derek Rodkey and Luke Hoffner on the front row, and when Alan Luzier threw the green flag, Rodkey took the lead. Hoffner was second and Dan Gill sat in third. As the race continued, Hoffner pulled alongside Rodkey, and they ran door-to-door for most of the 25 lap event. The only time they didn’t run wheel-to-wheel was when they caught lapped traffic. As the top two were side-by-side, Andrew Gordon and Duane Stiner were also door-to-door with some three wide action thrown in for good measure.  Back at the front Rodkey was running the outside and Hoffner the inside but Rodkey was always able to pull out front at the line, as the duo ran just inches apart from each other, but when the double checkered flags fell it was Rodkey by a half a car length over Hoffner, Gill, Stiner and Gordon. Rodkey and Hoffner split the heat wins.
14 sprints lined up for the feature with Ralph Engel Jr. and Don Sotosky on the front row, as the field took the green flag it was Engel who took the lead and held off Sotosky the entire distance to get his second win of the feature. Sotosky was second with Eddie Mesaros, Jeff Bacha and Hunter McCracken completing the top five. Heat wins went to Sotosky and Engel shared heat wins.
Kevin Dickson and Ronnie Bottenfield brought the street stocks to start as Dickson took the lead for most of the first lap, but at the line it was Josh Jacoby leading and he never relinquished it as he had Paul Ivory to contend with early, but Ivory looked the car and tailed the field this gave Bottenfield the second spot back and he lost the bid for a win to Jacoby. The top five included: Jacoby, Bottenfield, Jason Mullen, Neil Wilson and Paul Ivory. Heat wins were split between Jacoby and Paul Ivory.
Jamie Price and Raymond Reynolds led the street stocks to the start with Price taking the lead and setting the pace. As he led, he had to ward off Reynolds and Rick Hemphill, before Fuzzy Fields came into the picture. Fields tried several different lines to take the lead from Price, but for 12 laps, Price was too tough to tame, but on lap 12, Fields took the lead and then checked out the final eight laps for his second win of the season. The top five were: Fields, Brian Rhed, Price, Rick Hemphill and Curtis Teats. The heat wins went to Dan Smeal and Fields.
The Pure Stocks went green with Joseph Stajnrajh and Cragen Brady on the front row, with Stajnrajh taking the lead and Brady in second. As the race hit two quick cautions, Stajnrajh led until lap four, when Nick Erskine took the lead and brought Ron Winslow with him into second place. At the finish it was Erskine with his second straight win over Winslow, Stajnrajh, Tyler Wagner and Justin Queen. Heat wins went to Winslow and BJ Hudon.
The Four Cylinders rounded out the night with Milton Owens and Jen Luzier on the front row. Luzier shot into the lead and led the opening four laps, before Andrew Moist took the lead. He led until lap seven, when a caution waved. On that restart, Owens slipped into the lead, but he lost the lead to Aaron Luzier before a lap was in the books. Luzier then held off all of the Moist challenges and went on to his first win of the season. Moist, Ryan Shaffner, Garrett Watkins and Stephanie Lucas completed the top five. Heat wins went to Luzier and Dustin Kemp.
PIT NOTES: 69 teams filled the pits, including: 9 Late Models, 14 Laurel Highland Sprints, 12 Semi Lates, 12 Street Stocks, 9 Pure Stocks and 13 Four Cylinders…Coming up on July 3 is Full Pull Production presentation at the speedway. More details are coming soon. For more information check the speedway website at
Summary: Randy Sterling Trucking Late Models: 1. Derek Rodkey, Oseola Mills; 2. Luke Hoffner, 3. Dan Gill, 4. Duane Stiner, 5. Andrew Gordon, 6. John Brady, 7. Scott Alvetro, 8. Tom Merryman Jr., 9. Dan Boyd.
Point Break and Spring Laurel Highland Sprints: 1. Ralph Engel, Jr., Harmony; 2. Don Sotosky, 3. Eddie Mesaros, 4. Jeff Bacha, 5. Hunter McCracken, 6. Ryan Lynn, 7. Cory Thronton, 8. Tyler Denochick, 9. Steve Kenawell, Jr., 10. Jonathon Jones, 11. “Cowboy” Jim Kennedy, 12. Robbie Bartchey, 13. Nicole Walker.
Brian Walker, Disqualified.
Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Semi Lates: 1. Josh Jacoby, Fernwood; 2. Ronnie Bottenfield, 3. Jason Mullen, 4. Neil Wilson, 5. Paul Ivory, 6. Justin Kanouff, 7. Michael Blazer, 8. Josh Henry, 9. Stephanie Ivory, 10. Kevin Dickson, 11. Chad Desmett.
Randy Sterling Did not start.
Srock Contracting Street Stocks: 1. Fuzzy Fields, Brockway; 2. Brian Rhed, 3. Jamie Price, 4. Rick Hemphill, 5. Curtis Teats, 6. Patrick Fielding, 7. Dan Smeal, 8. Jim Bloom, 9. Raymond Reynolds, 10. Bill Phillips, Jr., 11. Johnny Lindenpitz.
Allan English Did not start.
W.G. Satterlee Oil Pure Stocks: 1. Nick Erskine, Mahaffey; 2. Ron Winslow, 3. Joseph Stajnrajh, 4. Tyler Wagner, 5. Justin Queen, 6. Bob Helsel, 7. Cregan Brady, 8. Eric Lucas, 9. BJ Hudson.
Clearfield County Metals Four Cylinders: 1. Aaron Luzier, Clearfield; 2. Andrew Moist, 3. Ryan Shaffner, 4. Garrett Watkins, 5. Stephanie Lucas, 6. Milton Owens, 7. Jarred Rudy. 8. Decon Smith, 9. Steve Fredrick, 10. Corey Steinhoff, 11. Jen Bailey, 12. Dustin Kemp.
52K Did not start.
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