Canadian teen stranded in Rocky Mountains ledge rescued

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Denver, CO, United States (4E) – A Canadian teen, who got stranded in a 13,000 feet ledge of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, was rescued on Wednesday.

Rangers from Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park flew on a helicopter to Longs Peak and one of them came down on Broadway Ledge to lift Samuel Frappier of Quebec out of the mountainside. The teen wearing only jeans, t-shirt and sneakers was then flown to a landing zone at Upper Beaver Meadows and taken by ambulance to Estes Park Medical Center before 7 p.m.

Frappier was unharmed but spent a shivering night on the ledge Tuesday as he called for rescue through his cellphone. He said he got separated from his friend Tuesday as they were descending the mountain and strayed into the precarious ledge. There, the ill-equipped and inexperienced climber realized he has nowhere to go and called for help.

Some 28 rescuers, including rangers from the park, and two helicopters found Frappier Tuesday night. But the rescue was conducted at daylight the next day. The rescuers faced snow and rock fall before cooler temperature stabilized the condition in the mountainside and allowed them to reach Frappier safely.

In an interview at the hospital Wednesday, Frappier said he could have fallen to his death had he slipped just one foot more in the thin ledge.

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