Sandy to Receive Reimbursement Funds from FEMA

DUBOIS – Sandy Township is expected to receive its next installment of reimbursement funds for flood damage from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The FEMA has awarded the township $172,930.74 of approximately $230,000.  When asked by resident Pamela August, Township Manager Dave Monella wasn’t sure if more funding would be forthcoming.

The township, he said, had already received approximately $14,000 from the FEMA. He said it was to replenish the general funds depleted by the flood.  It was also noted that the township spent $13,000 on dumpsters alone.

During the township meeting, it became heated between August and Supervisor Dave Sylvis.  Sylvis started chuckling after August accused the township of ignoring the Pentz Run area.

Sylvis later admitted to finding humor in August’s complaints. He asked August to permit Monella to proceed with his plan for cleaning up the Pentz Run area.

At one point, August warned she’d file an official inquiry as to why Sandy Township and DuBois City rejected the Army Corps of Engineers’ proposal for flood control along Pentz Run about 15 years ago.

August also threatened to take a petition around the Pentz Run area. She said she’d get residents to withhold paying taxes to Sandy Township since their area was being ignored.

Resident Darlene Marshall provided an update on the proposed Brady Township injection well.  The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has voluntarily pulled the issued permit due to factual issues, she said.

As a result, she said there are three possibilities: the permit will be re-issued; a new permit will be issued; or the permit will be voided.

Although the last possibility is rare, Marshall pointed out that the Brady Township case is unique. However, if the permit is either re-issued or a new permit is issued, she said they can still challenge it.

In other business, Township Engineer Perry Bowser announced three bids for the Mountain Run Road paving project.  Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. was awarded the project as the lowest bidder of $697,045.55.  It was noted that the bid was $42,000 less than the second lowest bidder.

The supervisors noted plans to create a resolution to require the tax collector to deposit township taxes into the treasury more often.  The resolution would require daily deposits during peak tax months and weekly deposits during off-months.

The supervisors reported that during the Sandy Township clean-up, 638 tires were collected, as well as 252 electronic items.  The supervisors thanked township employees and citizens for their efforts to clean up the area.

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