Michael Jackson hologram appearance in Billboard Music Awards gathers mixed reviews

Paula David – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States (4E) – King of Pop Michael Jackson, almost five years after his passing, took the stage at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday through hologram and it seems that not everyone is happy about the appearance.

The late pop legend “performed” “Slave to the Rhythm,” one of the singles in his posthumously released album “Xscape,” complete with his signature looks and dance moves, with other props and backup.

While the hologram was realistic and captured even the King’s moonwalks and complex choreography, not everyone is too pleased.

A Washington Post blog regarded the performance “upsetting” as it looked “incredibly real,” with some of the show’s audience taken aback with tears, while others cheered.

CNN left its readers decide whether the spectacle was “cool” or “creepy,” showing various reactions from Twitter users who had different views on the performance, with one saying it was “rad,” an another one “uncomfortable.”

Some admitted getting scared on seeing Jackson on stage again, but a “forgiving” fan with the handle sloth queen wrote, “It’s okay i forgive everyone for not making a perfect hologram i understand and accept michael jackson was too perfect to recreate.”

Former Jackson 5 member Jackie Jackson had positive throughts. He told Billboard, “When he started walking and dancing, I was teary-eyed. It’s hard to please Michael’s fans and Michael… I’m telling you it’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, the appearance almost did not happen, as, according to Rolling Stone, two companies tried to sue Billboard for allegedly breaking patents regarding the use of hologram. A judge ruled out the claims and the momentous performance took place.

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