Library Lists Memorials for April

CLEARFIELD – The Joseph & Elizabeth Shaw Public Library has listed its book memorials for the month of April.

In memory of, given by:

Dorothea Anderson

  • Ms. Rebecca Anderson

Edith Barger

  • Clearfield Hobby Garden Club

Joan Colavecchi

  • Paul, John and Bucky Bowers family
  • Silver Sneakers of Clearfield YMCA
  • Susan Young
  • Janet Yacabucci

Andrew Duga

  • Patricia Bishop
  • Clearfield County Public Library
  • Willard Dominick
  • Susan Young

Marlene E. Luzier

  • Garry and Peg Barton
  • Clearfield County Employee Fund
  • Kristin and Mike Foti, friends of the Rhone family
  • Robert and Nancy Frisco
  • Melanie, Barry and Noah Jordan
  • Bendita C. Malakia
  • Candace Rhone
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church staff

Suzanne S. Nagle

  • Susan Young

Darrell Spencer

  • Raymond H. Robinson

John Spingola

  • Clearfield  Lions Club

Irene Sughrue

  • Clearfield  Lions Club

Bishop Leslie and Patricia Chaplain Wallace

  • Patricia Allen

The Friends of the Shaw Public Library Fund also received a memorial for Patricia Chaplin Wallace that was given by Alan and Sarah Chaplin.

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