America’s Motorsports Park Season Opens – 5/10/2014

Press release by Terry Whetstone

CLEARFIELD, PA –America’s Motorsports Park finally got the 2014 season opened on Saturday night with Mike Blose of Dayton taking the feature win in the Randy Sterling Trucking Late Models, Ralph Engel Jr. of Harmony in the Point Break and Spring Laurel Highland Sprints; Paul Ivory of Irvona in the Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub SemiLates, Fuzzy Fields of Brockway in the Srock Contracting Street Stocks, Dustin Challingsworth of St. Mary’s in the Satterlee Oil Pure Stocks and Eric Boozel of Mount Union the Clearfield County Metlas Four Cylinders.

Bryce Stephen sand Tyler Denochick led the Laurel Highland Sprints to the start, with Stephens taking the lead for the first lap, but while working the second turn, Stephens looped the W1 and collected a couple of other drivers. This put Ralph Engel, Jr. in the lead and he set the pace the rest of the distance, with heavy pressure from Hunter McCracken and Stephens, who worked his way back to the third spot. As the race was winding down, McCracken was trying to take the lead, but he went high, opening the door for Stephens to move into second, but McCracken was determined to win and he fought back, but went high again with two laps to go, as Stephens was working on Engel. As McCracken went high “Cowboy” Jim Kennedy moved into third. At the waving of Alan Luzier’s double checkered flags, it was Engel winning with Stephens, Kennedy, McCracken and Shane Smith completing the top five. Heat wins went to Smith and Engel.

Dan Gill and Todd Sallack led the Late Models to the green flag, but it was Blose who made a daring low-side move in turn two and came out with the lead. Sallack ran second for a bit before being unable to get going on a restart and was the subject of a five-car pile-up on the front stretch. Gill then chased Blose as Duane Stiner and Luke Hoffner worked to better their positions. As the race continued, Blose was setting the pace and began to pull away as they began to encounter lapped traffic. At the finish it was Blose winning over Gill, Stiner, Hoffner and Ronnie Bottenfield. Heat wins were split between Stiner and Dwayne Taneyhill.

The Semi Late division continues to grow, as new cars are being built. The Ivory family, Paul and sister Stephanie led the field to the start, with Paul taking the lead and setting the pace. As he led, big sister was second and Chad Desmett was third. A crash on lap six sent Stephanie Ivory and Michael Blazer to the pits. The rest of the race it was Paul Ivory leading, but at the same time he was trying to keep Josh Henry at bay, as Henry was trying to muscle the power to take the lead, but at the line it was Paul Ivory winning with Henry, Neil Wilson, Desmett and Stephanie Ivory completing the top five. The heat win went to Paul Ivory.

Tony Brown and Allan English led the Street Stocks to the start with Brown taking the lead and setting the pace. As the race was proceeding, havoc took place and resulted in the disqualification of one driver. The race was still in the hands of Brown, as Fuzzy Fields was headed to the front in search of the lead from his seventh place starting spot. As the 16th lap was being completed, Fields took the lead from Brown on the inside of turns three and four, while Dan Smeal used the outside in the same turns to get by Jamie Price. At the finish it was Fields winning over Brown, Smeal, Price and English. Heat wins went to Fields and Johnny Lindenpitz.

Ron Winslow and Jason Beichner brought the Pure Stocks to the green flag, as Winslow took the lead. As he led Beichner was second with Nick Erskine third and Dustin Challingsworth fourth. Winslow and Beichner got together on the front stretch after some close racing, forcing Winslow to the pits with a flat and Beichner taking the lead for that lap, a little later Challingsworth took the lead and Beichner fell to second. On lap 13, Beichner spun in turn one collecting Justin Queen and Jim Challingsworth. Queen was out for the night. With two laps to go, Dustin Challingsworth took the win with Erskine, Eric Lucas, BJ Hudson and Curtis Guyer completing the top five. Heat wins went to Winslow and Beichner.

Eric Boozel went from fifth to first on the first lap and was close to lapping the fourth place car when the non-stop event finished the evening. The top five were Ryan Shaffner, Corey Steinhoff, Stephanie Lucas and Milton Owens. The heat was won by Boozel.

PIT NOTES: 59 teams braved the threatening skies, including: 13 Late Models, 9 Laurel Highland Sprints, 6 Semi Lates, 9 StreetStocks, 13 Pure Stocks and 9 Four Cylinders…The racing was completed by 9:46 p.m…Coming up this Saturday is another five division AMPED up show for the Late Models, Semi Lates, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Four Cylinders plus the addition of the Rush Sportsmen’s Modifieds…Gates open at 3 racing is at 6 p.m. for more information check the website at

Randy Sterling Trucking Late Models: 1. Mike Blose,Dayton;2. Dan Gill, 3.Duane Stiner, Luke Hoffner, 5. Ronnie Bottenfield, 6. DwayneTaneyhill, 7. Randy Sterling, 8. Scott Alvetro, 9. Josh Jacoby, 10. ToddSallack; 11. Tim Steis, 12. Jason Read.
Tom MerrymanJr., did not start.

Point Break and Spring Laurel Highland Sprints: 1.Ralph Engel Jr., Harmony; 2. Bryce Stephens, 3. Jim Kennedy, 4. HunterMcCracken, 5. Shane Smith, 6. James Pryde, 7. Tyler Denochick, 8. #2, 9. SteveKennawell Jr.

Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Semi Lates: 1. Paul Ivory,Irvona;2. Josh Henry, 3. Neil Wilson, 4. Chad Desmett, 5. Stephanie Ivory, 6. MichaelBlazer.

Srock Contracting Street Stocks: 1. Fuzzy Fields,Brockway;2. Tony Brown, 3. Dan Smeal, 4. Jamie Price, 5. Allan English, 6. Brian Rhed,7. Johnny Lindenpitz, 8. Jim Bloom. Curtis Teats, disqualified.

Satterlee Oil Pure Stocks: 1. Dustin Challingsworth,St. Mary’s;2. Nick Erskine, 3. Eric Lucas, 4. BJ Hudson, 5. Curtis Guyer, 6. JimChallingsworth, 7. Shawn Fessler, 8. Jason Beichner, 9. Justin Queen, 10. BrianMills, 11. Ron Winslow, 12. Cregan Brady.
Chris Meyers didnot start.

Clearfield County Metals Four Cylinders: 1. EricBoozel, Mt. Union,2. Ryan Shaffner, 3. Corey Steinhoff, 4. Stephanie Lucas, 5. Milton Owens, 6.Jen Bailey, 7. Steve Martell, 8. Dustin Kemp, 9. Josh Frantz.

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