Clearfield Borough Council Discussed Liquor License Transfer

CLEARFIELD – Resident Mike Morrison addressed the Clearfield Borough Council at Thursday night’s committee meeting regarding an application for transfer of liquor license to the borough from Sandy Township.

Morrison cautioned not to rush into a decision on the Liquor License transfer. He noted that Clearfield Borough already has eight active licenses, and that Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board limits the number of licenses based on population.

According to Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack, the owner of Buck’s Pizza of Dubois is interested in opening a facility at the previous CVS Pharmacy building. He has applied for a transfer of an unused liquor license from Sandy Township to use for their proposed restaurant.

Morrison suggested that council research other municipalities that have ordinances in place to handle liquor license applications. He noted the PLCB requires a municipality considering an application to hold a public hearing at least 45 days after the application is received.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said she intended to advertise for the public hearing before the next council meeting. She noted Buck’s Pizza is intent on moving quickly on the new establishment, but will not move forward without the liquor license transfer.

Mack said this is the first time the borough has been in this situation and stressed that council should be diligent.  He said the owner of Buck’s Pizza plans to attend the next council meeting.

In his report, Mack also noted he has noticed a lot of grass cutting in the borough the past weeks, and has seen grass cuttings blown into the street and storm drains. He said the borough has an ordinance against yard waste and litter clogging storm drains. Mack reminds residents to sweep up any lawn clippings and yard waste from the streets.

Street Department Manager Fred Long reported the borough’s compost site is open to residents only of the borough and of Lawrence Township, but not for industrial or business use. He stressed no plastic containers are to be left with yard waste, and no trash is permitted.

Stott added the rules for depositing compostable materials at the site are clearly posted at the entrance. She stressed the borough has security video surveillance at the site.

Fire Chief Todd Kling reported the department responded to 22 calls for April. He said pump certifications are in progress; final testing reports are not all in, but so far everything is good. He said the aerial repairs on the apparatus will be done in the next couple weeks.

Kling reminds residents to slow down and watch for children at play and pedestrians that the weather is warming up.

Council adjourned for executive session to discuss police department personnel matters, with no action following.

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