Flea spray with natural ingredients safer alternative to pills for pets

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – It’s flea season again with the warm weather coaxing people and their pets alike outside. Fleas often abound when temperatures and humidity are high. And with pets congregating outdoors, it is no surprise that the spread of fleas will rise.

There are already a lot of products that keep animals safe from pests but some of them may actually be bad for pets. Local dog owners and veterinarians had reportedly questioned the effects of Trifexis, a top selling chewable pill for puppies and dogs that protects against heartworm, fleas and intestinal parasites. Many attest to its effectiveness, the reason why 50 million doses of the drug has already been sold. But local pet lovers are also complaining that it had made their dogs sick.

Last month, veterinarian Linda Kuhn of the East Carolina Veterinary Service claimed that a necropsy done on puppies owned by a breeder complaining against Trifexis showed that the animals died from heart problems. Last year, an Atlanta reporter obtained a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data showing that since Trifexis hit the market, every 36 hours, a pet owner reported that Trifexis killed their dog.

Many dog owners are calling for the drug to be recalled because of its adverse reactions but the FDA and the drug’s manufacturer claimed there was no evidence linking the pill to the deaths.

For reluctant pet owners, they could consider shifting to organic and natural sprays that have less effect on the animal’s body. Many websites offer recipes for homemade pet sprays using vinegar or essential oils. There are also effective natural sprays that may be bought off the counter or online like Nature-Cide.

Nature-Cide is a brand of 100 percent natural pesticides and insecticides developed by Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. One of its products is the Natural Flea & Tick Spray, which is specially formulated to eradicate flea and tick infestations. The spray is made from natural ingredients that does not irritate animal skin or damage their coat.

Although it should be kept out of reach from children, like all other household items that are not meant to be ingested, Natural Flea & Tick Spray is also safe on pet owners. Its ingredients include Cedar oil, Citronella oil, Garlic oil, Mint oil, Peppermint oil, Cinnamon oil, Geranium oil, Lemongrass oil, and Rosemary oil. Many of these oils have long been used in homemade sprays.

The insecticide-pesticide-and-repellant-in-one is also safe at home because it does not stain and has a pleasant aroma.

Unlike other all-natural and green products that are packaged for premium markets, Nature-Cide products are affordable and easy to buy online.

Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (OTC: PSHR) is a consumer packaged goods manufacturer based in Los Angeles. It specializes in green products made from all-natural ingredients and materials. Besides its Nature-Cide product line, it also manufactures natural heating and cooling packs under the brand Thermal-Aid, natural aroma therapy shower sprays under the brand HomeSpa and energy infused products such as juices, gums and lip balms under the brand Energy-X.

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  1. MicheMcCallister

    Natural flea spray. Very cool. Definitely want to be trying this!

    • Dieselrider

      Hope they work better for you then they did for us. We tried several of those last year to no avail. However, last year was a horrible bad years around here for fleas. Good luck.

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