UEFA penalizes Manchester City for fair play violations

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

London, England, United Kingdom (4E Sports) – UEFA has slapped sanctions against Manchester City for violating financial fair play rules.

With the penalties, Manchester City will play with just 21 men instead of the usual 25 players in the Champions League next season.

Also, City is also facing a fine in the region of 60 million euros (around 50 million pounds, $83.5 million) over three years, and a cap imposed for next season to ensure there is no rise on this season’s Champions League A squad wage bill.

The reduction in the size of the Champions League squad to 21 would potentially hit the club hardest.

The sanctions are very similar to what being handed to Paris Saint-Germain — the two clubs are among nine European sides being dealt with by UEFA’s club financial control board (CFCB) for FFP breaches.

City has until the end of the week to reach an agreement with UEFA over the sanctions but the club is far from reaching any final settlement.

Sources said that if no agreement is reached, City’s case will be handed to a panel for a non-negotiable decision.

City manager Manuel Pellegrini shrugged off talk about the possible sanctions and said he will address the issue when UEFA publicly announce what the club’s punishment is.

“I don’t know if it is official news of UEFA of just rumors,” he said. “If it is not official, I don’t have anything to say. When it is official news of UEFA we can analyze what happens with the team. In this moment we don’t know what happens.”

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