Resident Confronts Sandy Twp. over Pentz Run Clean-up

DUBOIS – On Monday night, resident Pamela August discussed her clean-up effort along Pentz Run, as well as pressured the Sandy Township Supervisors to increase their own clean-up efforts.

On May 2, four individuals participated in the clean-up, including August and one 15-year-old who each worked seven hours. Two others, she said, put in 1.5 hours each for a total of 17 man hours toward the clean-up of Pentz Run.

According to August, they filled 13 garbage bags.  In addition, she said boards, pieces of iron and culvert pipes were picked up during the clean-up.  August, however, was disappointed at the lack of participation.

“[It’s] my fault, my fault. When I prayed to God, I prayed for good weather.  I should have prayed for people to show up,” said August. She later explained she’d hoped for school students and boy scouts to take part in the clean-up effort.

“Two months shy of the one-year anniversary, I’m pleading with you.  We need to get this cleaned up,” said August. She noted that there were still numerous railroad ties, utility poles, etc. in the stream.

If necessary, August said she was willing to wade in, in order to clean up the stream.  The supervisors explained that the township would be in a better position to clean up Pentz Run once summer help was available.

At that point, August asked for an application, adding she’d already applied to be summer help with the City of DuBois. August explained she’d done that with intentions of increasing the manpower available for cleaning up the stream.

Township Manager Dave Monella said he’s still waiting on quotes regarding cleaning up a part of Pentz Run.  Some portions, he said, will require equipment that the township doesn’t own.

Supervisor Dave Sylvis suggested the township’s summer help work on the stream as its crews are busy.

August complained that Sandy Township has been dragging its feet for the last 10 months. She also said it had broken former Township Manager Dick Castonguary’s promise to have one day each week dedicated to cleaning up Pentz Run.

August requested that the supervisors make Pentz Run clean-up details a regular feature on the meeting agendas. “Pentz Run is Pentz Run.  It isn’t the entirety of Sandy Township.  We cannot make that the number one priority and ignore everything else,” said Sylvis.

Monella said he’d try to get people working on the stream one day each week. However, he noted that crews were busy.  Sylvis didn’t want to indicate that there would definitely be township employees cleaning up the stream weekly, as it’s a promise that will not be easy to keep.

August stated she didn’t want to be a nuisance but was upset at the township’s apathy regarding Pentz Run.  She indicated that she might start contacting insurance companies to get action on Pentz Run.

Sylvis asked August to give the supervisors an opportunity to see what can be done. He told her township employees may not be working at fast as she would like, but they have been making an effort.

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