Lewinsky bares own side of affair with Clinton, says relationship was consensual

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New York, NY, United States (4E) – Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern who had an affair with former President Bill Clinton from 1995 to 1997 leading to his impeachment, is revealing her side of the scandal in an article on Vanity Fair magazine.

In the exclusive article to be published on print on May 13 and an excerpt of which will be posted in the online edition of the magazine on Thursday, the 40-year-old Lewinsky insisted that her relationship with the ex-president was consensual but she “deeply regret what happened.”

Lewinsky also says she felt abuse when she was made a scapegoat to save his presidency.

Lewinsky denies the Clintons paid her to remain silent over the scandal. She says she put off publishing her story so as not to coincide with Hillary Clinton’s election campaigns but could not wait more years being silent. She adds that the suicide of Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi in 2010 after his tryst with a man was videoed by a dorm roommate prompted her to share her own story to help others who are publicly humiliated and thus give a purpose to her past.

Lewinsky earned a master’s degree in social psychology at the London School of Economics and has lived in Los Angeles, New York, and Portland, Oregon. She says she had difficulty finding a job because of her past.

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