Cold eye pack for migraine relief made from natural corn

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – For those unfortunate to suffer chronic headaches or migraine, a little relief will come a long way. While a headache may not be a life-threatening or terminal illness, it is no doubt painful, if not debilitating.

Migraine is actually a chronic neurological disorder that causes the recurring of moderate to severe headaches. It has long plagued the human race, the name itself derived from the Greek word “hemikrania,” which means “pain on one side of the head” – with the prefix “hemi” meaning “half” and the word “kranion” meaning “skull.”

For those who experience migraine, it might start out as a sharp pain at one side of your head, usually in the front and near the scalp. It may also be a throbbing pain that will last from a couple to several hours. Even worse is suffering from migraine with aura. People who have that suffer dizziness, ringing in the ears, being sensitive to light and even seeing zigzag lines.

Interestingly, scientifically speaking, the headache is only part of the migraine process which has at most four phases. Not all people experience all the phases though.

The first phase involves prodromal or premonitory symptoms which may cause altered mood, depression or euphoria, fatigue, irritability, stiff muscles, bowel problems, craving for certain food and sensitivity to noise and smells. It begins a couple of hours to a couple of days before you feel the pain of a migraine. The second phase is the aura phase which as mentioned affects visual, sensory or motor skills. The most common is problems in the field of vision. Numbing or feeling pins and needles pricking one side of the hand or arm and nose and mouth area may also be experienced.

The third and most important phase is the pain or the headache that comes gradually and becomes worse with physical activity. The pain attacks last from four to 72 hours. You can imagine how long and excruciating that is. Nausea and vomiting may result from the pain, with others experiencing a sense of spinning, light-headedness and even confusion.

The final phase of a migraine is the postdrome, a sign that the headache has ended. People who experience this report a sore feeling in the head and even impaired thinking. Others say they feel euphoric after the attack while some become depressed.

Causes and cures

Unfortunately, the underlying cause of the illness is still unknown. Genetics is often seen as a factor since migraine usually runs in families. At the very least, scientists have found out that it is often triggered by stress, hunger, and fatigue.

In medical terms, it is considered a neurovascular disorder that starts within the brain and spreads to the blood vessels. Some researchers believe that blood vessels play a key role.

There are a number of preventive treatments being offered today though they may not work for everyone or may not be as convenient as expected. The most usual is medication, with a number of drugs offered for different kinds or intensities of migraine. There is also the option of alternative therapies like acupuncture, as well as medical devices and surgery. Some people have tried using implantable neurostimulators that work like pacemakers while others have migraine surgery, which decompresses certain nerves around the head and the neck.

For the majority, however, who cannot afford such options or could not be bothered to try long-term and invasive treatments or take a number of drugs, there are still a number of natural options available. One of the treatments often suggested is using heat.

Cold therapy

The use of cold temperature has long been suggested to treat or at the very least manage headaches, even those caused by migraine. Cold therapy, which has long been used to address pain and muscle tension in the body, also treats migraines by decreasing inflammation and numbing painful tissues. Usually, people use ice bags and cold compresses to address migraine. However, that can’t usually be done when you are out and about or in your office. You can’t have ice dripping on you or on your clothes.

Fortunately, there are already a number of products that make cold therapy convenient, from cooling pads to cold packs and other portable products. One such product is the Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System ( It incorporates all the known natural or topical treatments to headache to bring instant relief to those suffering from migraines. More importantly, it has been clinically proven to relieve headaches.

Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc., the company that makes and distributes Thermal-Aid, claims that it brings relief in just a few minutes upon application. It treats pain, muscle tension and even light sensitivity.

Created by a Board-certified neurologist, the Thermal-Aid package contains a headache relief cream and a patented cold press eye pack. The eye pack keeps the eyes cool and blocks light that aggravates headaches. It also results in subtle pressure to ease forehead and temple tension.

The pack is actually an all-natural corn product packaged within a malleable cotton twill bag. It could be placed inside a household freezer or refrigerator and will hold its cold capacity for more than one hour. Unlike other products, it is able to comfortably transfer cold without causing frostbite.

The company claims that their bio-engineers and doctors worked closely with milling experts to create a unique patented process that allows them to retrieve the purest and cleanest portion of corn products by removing the germ tip cap and outer coat from each kernel of corn. The process hardens the “de-germinated corn” and allows it to retain temperature evenly for long periods of time. Most importantly, it will not cause the mold, fungi and foul odors that are often associated with other natural heating and cooling products.

Meanwhile, the headache relief cream is a topical analgesic and pain reliever that when applied directly to the temples and forehead will cause immediate relief.

Thermal-Aid ( also produces a number of other heating and cooling packs that address various bodily pains – from muscle pains to osteoarthritis. A four-month study on the product’s effectiveness against osteoarthritis showed that people who used Thermal-Aid reported a 35.3 percent improvement in pain control and more than 20 percent usage in pain medications.

Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based consumer packaged goods manufacturer that develops environment-friendly products that are not only safe but also affordable. Their team of physicians, biochemists and engineers create innovative products, many of which are now commercially available.

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