DuBois City Moves Forward with Noise Ordinance

DUBOIS – Following a discussion with Pulaski Club representatives, the DuBois City Council last night decided to again move forward with a noise ordinance.

Representatives of the Pulaski Club who attended had a similar complaint as previously given by Ken Kepple.  In recent months, an anonymous resident has called the state Liquor Control Board with noise complaints.

Linda Spryszak, the club’s financial officer, stated there have been four complaints so far, including a $400 fine.  The PLCB, she said, visited on Thanksgiving Eve and New Year’s Eve at 10 p.m. due to the club’s warning and fine.

According to Pulaski Club representatives, the complaints have harmed business. They have reduced music from four-piece bands to only guitar players. Also, they noted complaints about the jukebox playing while the door is open.

“We’re just looking to the city for an idea and help on this,” said Spryszak.

It was noted a city noise ordinance would override PLCB requirements.  It was further noted that the city could set the decibel levels high enough that it’d be difficult to file a qualifying complaint.

Solicitor Toni Cherry was hesitant to move forward after the previous push for a city noise ordinance.  At the time, she was concerned about excessive government.

“You should be allowed to have a party in your house.  You should be allowed to work on your car in your driveway.  You should be allowed to rev your engine.  You should be allowed to put pipes on your truck,” said Cherry.

The council noted it’s heard similar issues regarding other city businesses and it will expect an increase of such incidents with summer.  As a result, it decided to complete the noise ordinance.

Council member Diane Bernardo was excused from the meeting.

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