State Theatre Hosts Sold Out Show

By Mark Kolash for

(Photo by Mark Kolash)

(Photo by Mark Kolash)

STATE COLLEGE – It was a beautiful evening on Tuesday, Earth Day, and the State Theatre in State College was the host to a sold out show.

The State Theatre is a community-owned, non-profit venue located in downtown State College. It’s a restored movie theater, which hosts local and national talent with a focus on the performing arts and film programming.

Joe Fletcher and The Wrong Reasons opened the show. Their country blues Americana music was a surprise, which left you wondering about what more was in store from the act to follow them.

The group mesmerized its audience, leaving them imagining about just kicking back after a long day, with a drink in hand and some music playing in the background.  Thanks to the lyrics and stage presence, crowd members were taken on a journey to a different place.

After a short intermission, the State Theatre filled to capacity, and its crowd grew restless with anticipation. But the crowd grew silent when the stage lit up and the Devil Makes Three hit the stage with the song, “Stranger.”

Crowd members were on their feet and that set the pace for the rest of the show. The rhythm and unique vocal style of guitarist/singer Pete Bernhard, which was matched with the guitar of Cooper McBean, was enough to kick make you just kick back.

Also noteworthy is that there is not drummer to be found in the Devil Makes Three.  The timing of the trio is kept by upright bassist Lucia Turino.  It’s this combination of talent that coaxes crowd members to dance in the aisles.

The Devil Makes Three’s set included songs, such as “Walk on Boy,” “40 Days,” “Old No. 7” and “Black Irish.”  During the song “Do Wrong Right,” every crowd member was on their feet.

The Devil Makes Three connected with its audience in ways never seen before at a show.  And apparently, the band uses the old-time sounding anthem, “Do Wrong Right,” to turn that key.

The Devil Makes Three is touring to promote its fourth album and New West Records debut, “I’m a Stranger Here.”  In addition, the band will be on tour supporting Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss beginning this May.

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