LT Supervisors Award Paving Bids

CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors awarded bids for proposed paving projects at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Bids for 1,000 tons 2RC Limestone were received as follows: Glenn O Hawbaker – $15.14 per ton, New Enterprise Stone & Lime – $12.40 per ton, Woodland Equipment – $10.35 per ton and Bucktail Excavators Inc., St. Mary’s – $13.44 per ton. The supervisors awarded the bid for limestone to Woodland Equipment, pending legal review.

Bids for paving were received as follows: Glenn O Hawbaker – $386,928.35, New Enterprise – $330,995.85, HRI Inc. – $383,891.00, Grannas Bros – $386,277.75. The bid was awarded to New Enterprise, pending legal review.

Larry Putt of the Recreational Park Board spoke about the possibility of constructing a softball field. Putt introduced Bob Lewis, who represented a local girls’ softball league.

Lewis said the Little League Softball charter has grown to 11 teams of girls, age 9 through 16, and they need field space.

Putt said they’ve contacted State Rep. Tom Sankey’s office to see about available grants. Supervisor Bill Lawhead suggested contacting State Rep. Matt Gobbler, as well.

Lawhead also suggested looking for corporate sponsors. Several possible sites were discussed, including the old Hillsdale school field, Glenn Richey Fire Hall field and Bowman field, which Supervisor Ed Brown noted is privately owned but may be available for lease.

Putt also announced that the area Special Olympics will be held at the recreational park on May 10, starting at 10 a.m.

The supervisors approved a proposed ordinance establishing penalties for security system false alarms. Penalties begin at $300 for the first two false alarms in a 12-month period, then increasing to $500 for a third, $1,000 for a fourth and $1,500 for a fifth incident.

Lawhead questioned Roadmasters Brown and Dan Mitchell regarding a four-wheel drive truck that looked like it was being worked on. Lawhead said the supervisors had approved to put the truck out of service several years ago rather than pay for repairs. He noted the township had purchased a new truck to replace it. He asked when the board had approved to put it back on the road.

Brown said after the big snows the past winter, the road crew discovered that they needed another big truck.

Lawhead said the township has 10 trucks and nine drivers. He said the cost to switch the cabs on the old truck will be $9,000, not including other repairs to get it in operation. He said he thought it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money, suggesting it would be better to spend the money at auction on a newer truck.

Mitchell noted the smaller trucks were not able to push the snow back with the heavier snow of last season.

Lawhead countered that the road crew needs to be sent out sooner to keep up with the snow removal on roads, and that the township has a loader to use to help remove snow.

Brown and Mitchell approved to repair the old 4WD, but Lawhead voted against the motion.

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