CO fourth graders sell, trade marijuana at school playground

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Greeley, CO, United States (4E) – Four elementary students in Greeley, CO have been caught selling and trading marijuana at their school’s playground prompting a warning to parents and grandparents to secure their pots, whose use for recreation is legal in the state.

Fourth graders were involved in the Monday and Tuesday incidents at the Monfort Elementary School and they are being disciplined while Principal Jennifer Sheldon sent letters to parents urging them to be responsible in keeping recreational marijuana away from children.

The campus deal started on Monday when a boy sold a bag of marijuana to three classmates for $11. The pot were taken from the boy’s grandparents, school spokeswoman Teresa Myers said, according to CNN.

One of the children buyers paid it in the form of a marijuana-laced candy bar the following day. One of the students took a bite of the candy bar taken from a grandparent, Myers said.

A student who witnessed the transaction reported it to school officials.

The grandparents are not criminally liable for pot possession but were guilty of irresponsibility, said John Gates, the school district’s safety director.

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