Google involved in Samsung and Apple legal battle

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San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Google could be dragged into the legal battle between Apple and Samsung. Several documents were presented in court showing emails between Google and Samsung from 2012 that revealed Google’s willingness to help Samsung fight through its patent battle with Apple.

Google was prepared to help Samsung by paying for defense fees and damages ordered to pay to Apple. The agreement was stated in a “Mobile Application Distribution Agreement” between the two companies.

In exchange for financial help, Samsung agreed to feature Google apps on its Galaxy smartphones. Google patent attorney James Maccoun verified the arrangement between the companies in a taped deposition and several outlined documents.

“The deposition did not disclose concrete financial, or strategic details of what kind of compensation Google would offer. Nor did it mention whether other patents in this case were a part of that agreement.

“Instead, Maccoun said simply that the agreement was created for Google to provide a number of its applications to Samsung, and provide backup in the event of a legal issue,” The Verge reported.

Apple wants $2 billion in damages from Samsung.

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