Apple and Nike might be working on smartwatch together

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – All rumors about Apple’s iWatch may stay that way — rumors. According to website Geektime, the Cupertino-based company and Nike are developing a wearable smartwatch with the name iBand. The news comes only days after Nike confirmed that it has laid off its Fuelband’s hardware division.

The two sources added that the new device might launch before this Christmas season. The iBand is expected to have all the features the rumored iWatch was supposed to have. It will have sensors that tracks user activity like distance jogged and calories burned.

Nike still kept FuelBand’s software division, which remains one of the most used fitness tracking software in the market. But other rumors indicate that Nike will not only provide fitness software for Apple, but for other companies as well.

“Nike is being very secret about the whole matter but when Apple launches its new smart band later this year things will become clearer. Until then we can say that Nike will play a significant part in shaping the next Apple’s next product.

“And it makes sense when you consider that Nike must be thinking about what will happen in a few months if their customers wake up one morning to find themselves wearing a product that pales in comparison to something new that’s sweeping the market,” Geektime posted on its website.

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