Alabama coach Nick Saban hosts Broncos’ Peyton Manning, Adam Gase

Cesar Tordesillas – 4E Sports Contributor

Tuscaloosa, AL, United States (4E Sports) – Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban hosted Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and offensive coordinator Adam Gase for two days last week.

Saban called the visit mutually beneficial and said Manning was trying to learn so he could be a better player.

“After all the experience and knowledge that he has, he’s going out to try and seek more knowledge and understudying of the game of football so he can play better.” said Saban of Manning.

Saban has struggled some recently against no-huddle offenses and the visit benefits him as the Broncos likely runs as efficient a no-huddle offense as any in the NFL.

“Since they’re a no-huddle team, we had a lot of questions for them, in terms of what gives them problems and what defensive teams do that give them problems,” Saban said. “That was a mutual benefit. I know it was a benefit to us. I hope it was a benefit to them as well.”

Saban noted that Gase worked for him at Michigan State and LSU.

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