Southwest flight makes emergency landing after passenger tried to open hatch

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Omaha, NE, United States (4E) – A Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Sacramento made an emergency landing in Omaha, Neb. Sunday afternoon after a passenger tried to open a hatch while the plane is midair.

No one among the 135 passengers and 5 crew members of Flight 722 were hurt as the plane landed safely at Eppley Airfield, where the unruly passenger was removed and taken into custody by police and Transportation Security Administration agents.

Before the suspect tried to open the hatch, a passenger noticed he was acting strangely after he went to the bathroom and came out soaking wet. Later, he went to the rear of the plane and tried to open up the hatch prompting an airline stewardess to scream for help.

Two male passengers tackled, subdued and held the suspect down preventing him from opening the hatch. The pilot, upon learning the incident, decided to make an emergency landing as a precaution.

The plane continued its flight to California after a delay of two hours.

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