Red Sox manager John Farrell losing faith in replay system

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New York, NY, United States (4E Sports) – Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell said Sunday that it’s hard to have any faith in the league’s replay system based on how his team lost to the New York Yankees, 3-2 Sunday.

Initially, first base umpire Bob Davidson called the Yankees’ Francisco Cervelli out at first after he grounded to third baseman Ryan Roberts.

After consulting MLB’s replay center, crew chief Brian O’Nora announced that the call was reversed.

Farrell protested and was eventually ejected by Davidson.

“We felt that it was clear that the replay was inconclusive,” Farrell said.

He was told that the out is deemed complete when the ball enters the glove and that it does not necessarily have to hit the back of the glove.

However, Farrell also complained that any angle that they looked at, it couldn’t be determined if Cervelli’s foot was on the bag.

Farrell’s qualms against the replay system happened Saturday when he asked umpires to review a call, claiming Dean Anna of the Yankees lifted his foot off the bag while Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts applied the tag.

Replays shown on networks supported Farrell’s claim but umpires allowed the call to stand. The MLB later admitted the call should have been reversed.

MLB rules on replay states, in part: “The Replay Official will look at the video feeds and determine if there is clear and convincing evidence to overturn the call on the field.”

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