PSP: Man Jailed on Warrants, Found with Drugs, Paraphernalia

CLEARFIELD – A wanted 33-year-old man was jailed on warrants and also found with drugs and paraphernalia on Friday morning in Clearfield Borough, reported the state police at Clearfield.

Further, a man who had criminal warrants was observed traveling on Second Street. State police approached him when he pulled into the parking lot of Clearfield Bank & Trust Co.

Upon making contact with the man, state police advised him of the warrants and he was asked to exit the vehicle. Upon doing so, state police observed prescription drugs not prescribed to him and suspected marijuana falling from the driver’s seat.

The man was taken into custody on the warrants, and state police conducted a pat down search. Drug paraphernalia, state police said, was found in the man’s pocket. The man was placed in the Clearfield County Jail on the warrants.

Drug-related charges, state police said, are currently pending at this time.

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