Vikings star Adrian Peterson wants college players to get paid

Cesar Tordesillas – 4E Sports Contributor

Minneapolis, MN, United States (4E Sports) – Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson gave his support to the idea that college players should receive compensation from schools.

Speaking on a conference call Wednesday, Peterson noted that players are the ones making money for the universities.

“Nobody wants to live in the dorms for four years,” said Peterson. “I feel like, as much money as universities make, some of that should come down to the players, as well,” he quipped.

He recalled that when he was at Oklahoma, his first daughter was born, adding responsibilities for him outside of playing football and going to class.

Peterson also spoke out against NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s comments that basketball players should stay in school for two years.

“Think about it — just imagine if LeBron James had been in college for two years. How much money would that college have made off LeBron James?” he asked.

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