Ford issues 2 recalls, Mazda recalls 42,000 sedans

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Detroit, MI, United States (4E) – Ford Motor Co. issued two separate recalls for 386,000 Escape SUVs and 49,000 midsize sedans on Monday as Mazda recalled 42,000 Mazda6 midsize sedans.

About 385,750 model-year 2001-2004 Escape compact SUVs, including 349,000 sold in the U.S., are being recalled so dealers can install a reinforcement crossbrace to prevent the separation of a control arm from the vehicle’s subframe and affect the ability to steer.

The control arm is part of the suspension that holds the wheel and tire in the right place, The carmaker said rust could cause the separation. There was one Escape crash that may be related to the subframe problem but caused no injury, according to Ford.

The Escapes being recalled are mostly registered in “salt bed” or Snow Belt states and in eastern Canada.

In the other recall, 48,950 model-year 2013-2014 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, Ford Escape and C-MAX vehicles will have their seatback frames that do not comply with a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standard replaced. Of the number, 42,972 vehicles are in the U.S while 4,744 are in Canada.

Meanwhile, Mazda’s recall announced over the weekend cover the 2010-12 model of Mazda6. Dealers will reprogram the cars’ engine control unit and clean and inspect vent hose connected to the fuel tank for any spider web.

The yellow sac spider is attracted to the hydrocarbons in gasoline and can find its way into a fuel tank hose, said Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes, as quoted by CNN Money. The spider may weave a web that blocks airflow cause excessive negative pressure inside the gas tank causing the tank to crack increasing fire risk, the NHTSA said.

Mazda is aware of nine customer reports of cracked fuel tanks on models 2010 through 2012 of Mazda6.

Some 52,000 2009 and 2010 models of Mazda6 were also recalled three years ago for the same issue. The carmaker installed a special spring to prevent spiders from getting in and designed a software fix to relieve pressure on the fuel tank and prevent the cracking.

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