Cavs’ Kyrie Irving, Browns’ Josh Gordon trade barbs

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Cleveland, OH, United States (4E Sports) – Two of Cleveland biggest names in sports are on a collision course as Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving and Browns wide receiver exchanged barbs recently.

Irving told Gordon to “mind his own business” while the latter responded with a smirk that he had “hit a nerve” with the Cavaliers playmaker.

The exchange started from Gordon’s visit to ESPN on March 27, when he appeared on several shows and did a few interviews.

During the interview, Gordon was asked about the perceived rift between Irving and guard Dion Waiters, both top-four picks in the NBA draft.

“I talked about it with Dion,” Gordon said. “He’s my neighbor in my building, so we hang out all the time. I’m aware of the rift in the locker room. That’s just alpha males and supreme athletes trying to share the spotlight.”

Gordon hoped the two got along but supported the idea that one of the two would have to be traded. “I’m not opposed to that,” Gordon said. “It might play out better.”

Irving responded pointedly to Gordon’s remark.

“Guys like Josh Gordon need to stay in his sport and mind his own business,” Irving said. “Does he still play for the Browns? I’ll continue to root for the Browns, but in terms of this stuff here, what goes on in this locker room, he needs to stay out of it.”

Gordon took to Twitter to respond to Irving’s comments, starting with the abbreviation for “shaking my head.”

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