DEP Extends PA Waste Deadline Again

CLEARFIELD – The state Department of Environmental Protection has granted PA Waste LLC an extension until Nov. 21 to respond to the more than 70 deficiencies identified within its proposed Camp Hope Run landfill permit.

PA Waste has proposed the construction of a landfill that would be located on an 845-acre facility boundary along state Route 153 in Boggs Township. It would be double-lined and able to receive 5,000 tons of waste daily for the next 25 years, according to previous reports.

In March, the Clearfield County Commissioners reported that the DEP had received a letter on Feb. 28 from PA Waste. In the letter, PA Waste requested an extension until Nov. 21 to respond to the DEP’s Aug. 1, 2013 pre-denial letter.

In their response to that letter, the DEP requested that PA Waste provide a written commitment to conduct further groundwater investigations, a work plan and tentative schedule, such that it can approve them prior to March 31.

On March 14, the DEP received a letter from PA Waste and the related documentation for the previous request of an extension until Nov. 21. In a letter to PA Waste, the DEP stated that on, or before this date, it anticipates a complete response to the pre-denial letter.

“The department has reviewed the submitted information,” the DEP letter stated. “The commitment from PA Waste to further investigate the site, to include eight new wells, is acknowledged. The proposed schedule of work is reasonable and accepted by the department.

“The groundwater investigation portion of the hydrologic work plan, dated March 2014, is accepted with the recommendation that the sampling of the wells begin as soon as possible in the spring to be sure to capture the seasonal high water table information.”

The DEP noted it hasn’t reviewed or commented on the portion of the work plan that addressed overburden sampling. The DEP stated it doesn’t feel that the handling of overburden should be addressed in this document, and the special handling plan will be reviewed after official submission.

The original deadline for PA Waste to respond to the pre-denial letter was Oct. 24, 2013. The DEP has extended PA Waste’s deadline multiple times, according to previous reports.

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