Shark ‘visits’ Cocoa Beach Pier, attracts crowd of onlookers

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Cocoa Beach, FL, United States (NewsBahn) – The Cocoa Beach Pier in Florida had an unexpected visitor Tuesday afternoon as a 4- to 5-foot blacktip shark got hooked by a fisherman.

Eventually the shark was dragged back out to sea but not before getting noticed by dozens of onlookers and forcing swimmers from the area.

“The shark was fighting and surfacing. They were just reeling and reeling and reeling down at the end of the pier,” Jessica Simanski, a Cocoa stay-home mom told Florida Today. “A guy had yelled, ‘It’s a hammerhead!’ and people were freaking out,”

Officials say blacktip sharks often come inshore in large schools to pursue Spanish mackerel.

They “provide a good fight, often leaping out of the water,” according to the state’s fish and wildlife website.

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