Turkey blocks YouTube for showing meeting on Syria military operation

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Ankara, Turkey (4E) – Turkey’s government blocked access to YouTube Thursday hours after a video on a meeting of military and intelligence officials was posted on the video-sharing website.

The country’s Telecommunications Directorate blocked YouTube without a court order using as legal basis a new Internet law. The video that triggered the decision showed Turkey’s intelligence chief, its foreign minister and the deputy head of the armed forces discussing how the military can secure the tomb of the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman empire located in Syria.

Google, which owns YouTube, said users in Turkey are unable to access the website.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan criticized the leakage and bugging of the national security meeting calling the act villainous at a rally in the south-eastern city of Diyarbakir on Thursday. Before the YouTube ban, Erdogan also had threaten to block Facebook.

The ban on YouTube made the video-sharing website the second Internet company to be banned in Turkey. Last week, the directorate blocked access to Twitter following the leak in the social networking media of audio recordings implicating Erdogan in a corruption scandal.

Twitter, however, challenged the ban in court and obtained the Ankara administrative court order lifting the blockade on Wednesday. A government official said it will appeal the court’s order.

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