Carriers release Galaxy S5 two weeks before targeted launch date

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

Seoul, South Korea (4E) – Consumers in South Korea are the very first ones to get their hands on Samsung’s Galaxy S5. Korean carriers have put the Galaxy S5 on sale — two weeks before Samsung’s global release date. The reason why the carriers did this was to avoid government sanctions that won’t allow them from signing new customers next month.

SK Telecom, South Korea’s biggest carrier, did ask permission from Samsung for an earlier Galaxy S5 release date. But Samsung reiterated that the release date will remain on April 11.

“Samsung has provided mobile carriers with a limited number of units for marketing and pre-sales activities; however the decision to release the device early in the Korean market was made by the mobile carrier itself, independently of Samsung.

“We express our regret at this decision and we are working to verify all the facts,” Samsung said in a statement provided to The Verge.

The goal of SK Telecom and other Korean carriers was to sell as many units as possible before the official date of the sanctions take effect on April 5.

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