Elephants escape MO circus, damage parked cars before recaptured

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

St. Charles, MO, United States (4E) – Three elephants briefly escaped from their Missouri circus handlers and damaged two cars in the Family Arena parking lot in St. Charles before they were recaptured on Saturday afternoon.

No person was hurt by the Moolah Shrine Circus elephants, which their trainers safely collared and returned to a trailer after 45 minutes. The animals damaged the arena’s loading door and cars in the parking lot reserved for employees of the circus and Moolah Shriners of Eastern Missouri, the sponsor of the circus.

The elephants escaped from the children’s ride section of the circus at the back of the Family Arena while the circus was going on, a witness said. People and trainers ran after the elephants to try to stop them.

The elephants were not allowed to perform on Saturday pending approval by trainers. The circus ends its performance at the arena on Sunday.

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