David Moyes: Manchester United will rise again

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

London, England, United Kingdom (4E Sports) – Despite a turbulent season, David Moyes is confident that Manchester United will rise again under his management.

According to sources, key boardroom figures have now turned against Moyes, who claimed that club’s powerbrokers, including Sir Alex Ferguson, Ed Woodward and David Gill, have been very supportive of him.

“The biggest assurance is that they let me get on with the job, they never discuss it [his position],” he said. “We talk about the future and we make big plans going forward. That is why they gave me a six-year contract. This is not a club that works on a short-term vision — it is a long-term one.”

Under Moyes, United is in seventh place in the Premier League standings but he is convinced he will be a huge success at Old Trafford.

Moyes insisted that he should be given time to implement the major plans he has to transform the club and take them back to the top.

He also promised the suffering United supporters that their slump will be reversed and that the reigning Premier League champions will return to a position of dominance.

“They have seen great success here in the past and will see great success again in the future. This club is the biggest club in the world. It might not feel it today, but it will rise again,” Moyes said.

United face Olympiakos on Wednesday with a 2-0 deficit after the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie but Moyes does not believe his future depends on it.

“My future has not changed one bit. I have got a great job, know exactly the direction I want to go in. It has not been the season we wanted but I have ideas I want to put in place. Now the most important thing is Olympiakos,” he said.

Ferguson was instrumental in Moyes’ appointment as his replacement, and the current boss insists he still has the backing of his predecessor.

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