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West Palm Beach, FL, United States (4E) – Director Tatia Pilivea asked 20 strangers to share a first kiss and published the videoed results on March 10, 2014 on Three days later her video, “FIRST KISS”, has 38,110,931 views and counting.

An interesting mix of strangers are seemingly-randomly paired up for a delightfully awkward first kiss.

Each couple appears to go through at least 4 stages transition. First there is chatter working to fill time in anticipation of the kiss. An ocean of unwieldy emotions, giggles and smiles washes over the couples. Then the couples push through their anticipation and the tension builds toward the kiss.

For a moment the world seems to stop as the strangers each embraced in the arms of the other intimately kiss for the very first time. The kissing is romantic and exciting and heartfelt and one can only imagine the tingling skin and pounding hearts and how for each of the participants the world must have stopped at that one very unique moment.

After the kissing the world seems better. One participant said, “I just want to hug you”, and they did. The looks of smiles and glowing faces shows how easy the simple pleasures of life can make people happy.

After the movie “Fight Club” it seemed like YouTube and the world were angrier. People, it seemed copied the movie and started their own Fight Clubs. Videos of shirtless people pounding each others their brains out in puddles of blood, sweat and rage were all over.

One could only hope that “First Kiss” will have a similar effect.

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