Resident Thanks DuBois Council for Requesting Review of Disposal Injection Well Permit

DUBOIS – Last night, resident Darlene Marshall thanked the DuBois City Council and Diane Bernardo for submitting appeals and requesting for the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to further review the proposed Brady Township disposal injection well permit.

Two-and-a-half years ago, Windfall Oil & Gas of Falls Creek proposed a frack/brine fluid disposal injection well to be located on Highland Street Extension in Brady Township.  Frank Zelman is the landowner and lease holder with Windfall Oil & Gas.

In Pennsylvania, a Class 2 disposal injection well requires an EPA Underground Injection Control permit. It also requires a state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) well drilling permit.

On Feb. 14, the EPA issued Windfall Oil & Gas its UIC permit for its proposed disposal injection well. However, Windfall Oil & Gas still cannot begin drilling until the EPA finalizes the UIC permit after an appeals period and it also receives its DEP drilling permit.

Marshall told council members there had been 30 appeals filed, including those from other municipalities.  Bernardo said she wouldn’t have been able to file her own appeal without Marshall’s research.

After the meeting, Marshall indicated that the electronic appeals deadline is March 14.  Anyone who previously submitted comments during the review period for the proposed disposal injection well can appeal for a review of the permit.

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