Google’s Schmidt assure users that their data is even more encrypted

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – On the first day of the South by Southwest Interactive conference, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt made it clear that their data is so safe that even the United States government can’t access it. Schmidt assured the press that Google has made it one of their objectives “to encrypt data more.”

“We are pretty sure that now that the info inside of Google is safe from prying eyes, including those of the US government,” Schmidt said during the conference. Schmidt added that Google still operated under the Patriot Act.

This is a big step to assure Google’s users since the U.S. government revealed it had accessed Google user data without their permission.

The hot discussion of the conference was security of public data. Schmidt made it clear that Google’s security measures won’t hinder the “free and open Internet” information. In fact, he questioned the motives of people who leak sensitive information.

The moderator of the conference Stephen Levy of Wired also told Schmidt that the U.S. government could possibly be the biggest offender of seeking user data privacy. Schmidt didn’t seem to contest Levy’s comment.

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