Study: Apple is most coveted brand in emerging markets

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Samsung Android smartphones may dominate global smartphone sales, but Apple is still the most desired brand. This is according to a new study conducted by Upstream in partnership with Ovum.

Apple is the top brand consumers in emerging markets like Brazil, India, China, Vietnam, and Nigeria want. In the survey pool, 32 percent of respondents listed Apple as the most coveted top brand. It’s rival Samsung placed second at 29 percent followed by the surprising Nokia brand with 13 percent.

In 2012, the study found that Samsung was the brand consumers wanted most.

“…new data finds that although the majority of consumers in [emerging markets] use Android devices because of their accessibility, Apple is actually the most coveted mobile brand in the developing world,” the study concluded.

In the regions mentioned above, active users with Android smartphones are estimated at almost 300, 000 while iOS devices have only 90, 184 active users. The reason why Android has remained so popular in emerging market is affordability.

Android smartphones use lower hardware cost than Apple does in its iPhones. In order to compete, Apple has to turn to cheaper hardware components.

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