Woman Pleads Guilty to Selling Marijuana

CLEARFIELD – A Curwensville woman accused of selling marijuana, pleaded guilty during plea and sentencing court in Clearfield County.

Connie Nivotney, 53, 433 Pine St., Curwensville, an inmate of the jail, pleaded guilty before Judge Paul Cherry to two counts of delivery of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was sentenced to 90 days to one year in jail and two years consecutive probation. She was fined $350 plus costs.

The charges stem from incidents in Curwensville in June and August. According to the affidavit of probable cause, an undercover purchase of marijuana was arranged by a confidential informant. Two undercover agents traveled with the informant to Nivotney’s home on June 11. When they entered the residence, they heard a female’s voice inviting them upstairs to where she was cleaning.

Once upstairs in a bedroom, the informant introduced Nivotney to the agents who said they wanted to purchase marijuana. From a closet, Nivotney removed a basket filled with several pre-packaged bags of marijuana and a scale. She weighed out approximately one gram of marijuana which she said cost $20. The agent asked if she could purchase $60 worth and Nivotney said she could and weighed out the additional amount. She was then paid $60 by the agent.

On Aug. 8, another visit was made to Nivotney’s home. Again they went to the bedroom. This time Nivotney retrieved a quantity of marijuana from a dresser drawer. She weighed out eight grams of marijuana, which she sold for $100.

After the agent asked if she could send her friends to her to buy marijuana, Nivotney replied yes. She explained she gets a quarter pound of the drug at a time to sell and that it was really good stuff.

In motions court, Nivotney argued for the return of $1,300 seized when she was arrested. She said the money came from people who rented from her and from her cleaning service. Officer Randy Young of the DuBois City police testified that she told him the money came from sales of marijuana. Cherry denied Nivotney’s motion to return this property to her.

Nivotney was one of 13 others arrested during “Operation Gobble Up” in November. “Operation Gobble Up” involved agents from the Attorney General’s Office and officers from the Clearfield County Drug Task Force who identified several suspects as active participants in drug activities in Clearfield County.

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