The built-for-Microsoft Nokia X smartphone was hacked to run Google apps

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San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – When Nokia unveiled the Nokia X last week, it made it a point that the Android smartphone wouldn’t carry any of Google’s services. Instead, Nokia intended its X smartphone to promote Microsoft services.

That is until xda-developers member Kashamalaga installed Google apps like Gmail, Google Now, and Hangouts on his Nokia X smartphone. This is big news since Microsoft will officially acquire Nokia’s phone department in the upcoming weeks. The Nokia X smartphone was designed and built to run Microsoft’s Outlook, OneDrive, and Skype.

Nokia intends to move away from its reliance on Google’s apps and replace them with Microsoft equivalents.

“At those lower price points where Windows Phone does not yet exist, or the Lumia experience can’t be delivered, we needed something that could be delivered there without taking on an obligation or building yet another ecosystem. So with Android Open Source Project we clearly get the benefit of app [compatibility],” Nokia head of devices Stephen Elop told The Verge in an interview.

When Nokia found out that it’s Microsoft designed smartphone had been hacked, they weren’t mad about it. Instead, the software giant tweeted:

@KashaMalaga This is awesome! Very excited to see progress is being made – we actually really like @xdadevelopers

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