WJAC-TV: Ice Jam Causes Flooding Concerns in Clearfield County

(WJAC-TV photo)

(WJAC-TV photo)

FAUNCE – An ice jam along the Clearfield Creek has many residents and property owners worried about flooding and potential property damage.

Landon Bailor enjoys visiting his grandfather’s hunting camp that sits alongside the Clearfield Creek in Faunce, Boggs Township. But when Bailor and his family went to check on the camp, they were shocked by the massive chunks of ice blocking the river.

“Well, I am just afraid it might flood the camp,” Bailor said. Dennis Dillon’s hunting camp is just inches from the banks of the Clearfield Creek.

“I am definitely concerned,” Dillon said. “I have never seen it like this before, and if the right conditions hit, it will wipe out the camp. There is no doubt about it; we would lose the camp.”

The Clearfield Creek has attracted many onlookers who want to check out the frozen sight. In fact, one woman took a 15-minute detour home.

As WJAC-TV reporter Lauren Hensley interviewed resident Darla Boal, a sudden thud was heard, as the ice was shifting. “Did you hear that?” Boal said. “So it is adjusting still; that ice can do a lot of things.”

Onlookers have been stopping by to take photographs but are warned to stay away from the edge of the creek. “I went the long way around, and I came down just to see what it was doing, and I don’t know, [but] it could get bad again I think,” Boal said.

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