MLB upset over Dodgers’ Zack Greinke’s comment about Australian trip

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E Sports) – Major League Baseball was upset over Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke’s comment that he was not excited with the league’s Australian season-opening trip.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australian officials have reached out to the Dodgers and Major League Baseball for an explanation, holding off any comment until they’ve spoken to relevant parties in America.

The Dodgers will face the Arizona Diamondbacks at the Sydney Cricket Ground on March 22 and 23 in a planned two-game opening series between Australian officials, MLB and the players association.

The teams open their seasons more than a week before the other MLB teams.

“I would say there is absolutely zero excitement for it. There just isn’t any excitement to it,” said Greinke. “I can’t think of one reason to be excited for it.”

However, Greinke said he’s willing to pitch in Australia and understands why those games were scheduled.

“It’s a baseball thing. It’s an ownership thing, spreading stuff around,” Greinke said. “That’s what it’s for and it’s for the greater good of baseball.”

The Dodgers have not announced their starting pitchers for those two games but as No. 2 starter, Greinke would presumably pitch one of the games

The Dodgers responded to the uproar from Australia by explaining that the team, as a whole, is looking forward to the excursion.

“Zack has this endearing, contrarian quality to him that we all know and love about him,” Dodgers president Stan Kasten said. “He’s famously focused and meticulous about his training regimen.”

“It’s what makes him so good and such a great teammate. This is clearly going to alter his routine. I understand that aspect of it,” Kasten added.

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